Zamio Zamiifolia

Zamio Zamiifolia


Most commonly known as the ZZ, its  one of the most resilient and hardy houseplants ideal for new plant parents. The leaves are so glossy you could mistake it for a faux plant...which it is most definately NOT.


Pot size; 12cm Plant height; 45cm.


Plant care;


light-to maximise growth and gloss best placed in a bright spot avoiding direct sunlight, however can tolerate low light


water- best to underwater than overwater, compost needs to dry out


Pot sold separately. 

  • Description

    Aka the Satin Pothos, Silver Pothos or Silver Vine, this is very similar to the Golden Pothos but with a speckled silver variagation on the leaves. Will trail down.  


    Pot size; 12cm plant height;20cm 


    Plant care;


    light- will grow best in bright indirect light but can tolerate low light


    water- water when soil is dry, can tolerate drought, mist regularly