The Yucca Plant is an all time classic statement plant. Yuccas are tough plants and will go the long haul. Ideal for first time plant parents. 


Pot size;14cm Plant height; 60cm


Plant care; 


light- as much light as possible, yuccas love to bask in bright light 


water- liberally during summer but let the soil fully dry out during the winter  


Pot sold separately. 

  • Description

    Aka the Satin Pothos, Silver Pothos or Silver Vine, this is very similar to the Golden Pothos but with a speckled silver variagation on the leaves. Will trail down.  


    Pot size; 12cm plant height;20cm 


    Plant care;


    light- will grow best in bright indirect light but can tolerate low light


    water- water when soil is dry, can tolerate drought, mist regularly